What is Cloud Gaming Top 5 Cloud Gaming Providers


What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an online service in which you can play your desired games online on your pc without having the high-end specifications on your pc by taking a subscription of online cloud gaming providers

Cloud Gaming Providers

1. Boosteroid

Boosteroid is based in Romania and it is best for european users and it got servers in six countries and it works with with some of the biggest compines and best part is you dont need an app to run in your pc

2. GeForce Now

GeForce now is Nvidia’s Streaming service which works on pc,mac,shild tv and in android all you only need is good internet connection and you can enjoy all your games

3. Xbox Cloud Gaming

In Xbox you need Xbox ultimate game pass to play the console games on your pc and some suported android to enjoy your favorate Xbox games on your pc or mobile but it is still on Beta testing

4. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is currently running succesfully on beta testing it have excellent integration with twich likes and hac clients like Ubisoft to get direct acces to games and it also has full apple devices supports and can stream on 4k 60fps

5. Play Station now

Play Station Now is only avalable for pc it is not available for android or ios you can play any games on the pc by accessing the Play Station now service and enjoy some play station exclusive titles on your pc

How Does Cloud Gaming work ?

Cloud Gaming works simply as a server that streams the game in your system online without your pc actually having the required specifications of that game but it requires a good stable Internet connection to stream the game in your system

How Much Ram is Required For Cloud Gaming

There is no such thing as minimum ram for Cloud Gaming your System should run the browser or the Cloud Gaming Service provider app without lag but 4 Gb Ram is the best choice

Does Cloud Gaming Run On Low-End Pc

Yes absolutely Cloud Gaming main purpose is to skip the specification of your pc the only requirement is to have a good and stable internet connection to strream the game in your pc without any issue

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